Suhaimi Yusof teaching Lydia Sum Malay on TikTok: Sitcom writer recalls their chemistry together

23 Mar 2023

Article featured a TikTok clip of a scene posted by entertainer Suhaimi Yusof from the old sitcom Living With Lydia. In the scene, he teaches a few Malay words to the show's Hong Kong star, Lydia Sum, who died in 2008. Uploaded on March 8, the video has since garnered more than 350,000 views. The scene is from an episode called "Masak with Lydia" from the fourth season of Living With Lydia, which first aired in January 2005. The episode was written by SP Media, Arts & Design School’s senior lecturer Ms Stella Wee, who now teaches creative writing and scriptwriting at SP. She shared how she loved writing scenes just for the two of them, and noted that they played off each other with an energy that helped her look good.