The Adult Learning Collaboratory will be launched to create a new teaching plan

19 Jan 2024

A new outfit will focus on conducting research and innovation in adult education and training, as part of a national push to equip Singaporeans for changes in the workplace. Enterprises, adult educators and learners themselves can look forward to more opportunities to explore adult education through dedicated upskilling projects and sharing sessions at the Adult Learning Collaboratory (ALC), the newest initiative rolled out by the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL). The ALC will start off by focusing on three pilot projects, where partner organisations conduct research to address relevant workplace issues. One such project is the “Enabling employees to be co-pilots in enterprise transformation” project, which aims to teach enterprises proven approaches they can take to raise workers’ morale and their willingness to learn, and increase their skill sets and value. Ms Tan Yen Yen, senior director of the Business and the Creatives cluster at SP, is one of the partners involved in the project. She said that helping businesses unlock the full potential of their workforce is paramount to ensure that educational initiatives will have a lasting impact on various stakeholders and society. Similar news reported in The Straits Times.

[Lianhe Zaobao]

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