The best ways for parents to prepare their kids for exam season

30 Nov 2018

Advertorial highlighted the role of nutrition in a child’s academic performance. Ms Yvonne Ban, Accredited Practising Dietician and Lecturer at SP’s Diploma in Nutrition, Health & Wellness course, shared that protein together with micronutrients such as iron, zinc and iodine play an important part in the brain development of a child under three years old. Breakfast may affect cognitive performance indirectly through improving mood, alertness and motivation. After an 8-hour sleep, it is essential for children and adults to replenish adequate nutrients in order to perform better in school or at work. A carbohydrate-based breakfast taken together with sources of protein can help to increase satiety throughout the day. Furthermore, low GI fruits such as apples, pears, grapes and strawberries are easily prepared and can be easily consumed on the way to school or work. (theAsianparent)

30 Nov - The Best Ways For Parents

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