Three poly students invent special glasses to help dementia patients recognise their family

19 Dec 2020

Article featured three SP students, Nancy, Fang Qian and Chen Zihan. The team was inspired to create something to help dementia patients after watching a Chinese variety show ‘Unforgettable Restaurant’. The show features a restaurant run by three famous chefs and five seniors with slight dementia. The team was deeply touched by one of the scenes where the granddaughter of one of the senior servers came to visit but she was not recognised by the senior. Hence, the team came up with an idea to help dementia patients recognise their loved ones. Using artificial intelligence and internet technology, they developed a pair of special glasses that could help dementia patients recognise their loved ones. Once a dementia patient wears the glasses, the technology would be able to reflect the name and relationship of a person on the patient’s glasses. For their innovative idea, the team received the Grand Prize (Innovation) and TECH4ALL Social Contribution Award under the Huawei ICT Competition. (Shin Min Daily News, p6)
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