Wake-up call

03 Sep 2018

Article featured SP’s Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (DARE) student, Mao Shunjie and his life story. Shunjie’s parents divorced when he was three years old and he was raised single-handedly by his mother. Due to lack of parental love, he was rebellious and often caused trouble in school. When he was 15, his mother gave him a beating, confiscated his mobile phone, wallet and house keys and chased him out of the house, after she received yet another complaint from Shunjie’s principal. As a result, Shunije had to spend a night at his block’s stairwell. Instead of blaming his mother, Shunjie spent the night reflecting on his actions and realised that he has caused his mother too much pain. He decided to turn over a new leaf to become a good son and student. The next day, he apologised to his mother and promised to work hard. With his new found determination, Shunjie managed to enrol in ITE’s Aerospace Electronics programme. He scored perfect GPA for his two years there and also managed to receive the Lee Kuan Yew Model Student Award. Now, he is a student of SP’s DARE course and is focused on working hard towards his dream of becoming an Aircraft Engineer or Pilot. (Lianhe Zaobao, p4)

wake up call

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