Lim En Hui James

Diploma in Computer Engineering
Smart Nation Scholarship (GovTech), 2020

The Quintessential Problem Solver  

James likes using technology to solve real-world problems - and this affection for problem-solving is not limited to just engineering. He enjoys going through the design thinking process to create an effective product that users need. A tech enthusiast, he keeps up to date with rapidly evolving technology by watching documentaries from both independent producers and CNA, listening to podcasts about science and technology and “lurking” in discussion forums to get multi-sided opinions on various topics.

The alignment of the SMART Nation scholarship with his personal interests and professional goals appealed to him greatly. Professionally, he wants to leverage his skillsets for solving real-world problems to good use by giving back to the community via technology. Through learning and mentorship, he hopes that his technical skills in software development can propel him to be a forefront leader to innovate for community’s future and beyond. Having interned at Grab, a dynamic start-up, and at CSIT with its meticulous and conscientious work culture, he realised that he would thrive in a public sector agency that embraced the best of both worlds. GovTech, he realised, would be the perfect fit for what he was looking for in a career.

Receiving the Scholarship was a humbling yet empowering moment for James. Recalling his scholarship preparation, he notes how there were times he felt he could have done better for interviews and took it as a learning point to improve. He researched intensively on Smart Nation pillars, strategies, existing frameworks and reflected on initiatives that he wanted to be a part of, as Singapore builds its Smart Nation. Glad that his efforts were not in vain, he credits his success to his lecturers - “the entranceway to every opportunity I had access to during my Polytechnic years, including hackathons, competitions, SRE-YMAC, and mentorship.” He advises all scholarship hopefuls to have clarity on how the aim of a scholarship aligns with their beliefs and the contributions they can make to the scholarship provider.


Kang Boon Kiat Julian

Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Public Service Commission Scholarship (Engineering), 2019

An Engineer-Entrepreneur: A Love for Cool Ideas and New Technology

For someone who has held multiple scholarships in his academic journey, Julian Kang says that getting a scholarship is not an end-all-be-all goal. Neither does it replace the need for one to find and create their own opportunities. Ever willing to learn and experiment, the SP Engineering Scholar applied for the DSO Diploma Scholarship (and received it) out of an interest in nuclear power. During his internships, he worked under the Threat Assessment Program to evaluate radiation shielding and perform dosimetry calculations, design laser systems and contribute to a facial recognition program. As an A*STAR Science Award recipient, he got an opportunity to dabble in research outside the Defence Sector.

While pursuing multiple internships, he also served as President of SP Makers, leading an innovative student team, and pursued a Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Social Change in the U.S under the YSEALI Academic Fellowship. Whew! Driven to improve his competencies as a co-founder of a start-up, he applied for this fellowship to study social entrepreneurship and economic development to pick up concepts related to entrepreneurship and business.

With his myriad interest in multiple sectors, it was not easy for Julian to decide that he ultimately wanted a career in Defence Science and Technology, specifically with DSTA and in the public sector. Exploring new frontiers is the type of challenge Julian thrives on. And he wants to be at the forefront of the continued maintenance and upkeep of Singapore in an era of uncertainty.  He wisely notes that “the future presents a multitude of compounding challenges (e.g. climate change, economic inequality & an ageing population) that Singapore will have to prepare for. I am interested in the implementation of technology with sound business principles to ensure sustainable benefits for society.”




Teo Chuan Kai

Diploma in Infocomm Security Management
Public Service Commission Scholarship (Engineering), 2019

A Passion for Cybersecurity

Besides playing the guitar and his keen interest in photography, nothing intrigues Teo Chuan Kai more than exploring the inner workings of web applications, networks and systems to understand the way they operate, detect inherent limitations and problem-solve to ensure secure systems. Not satisfied to just excel in his Diploma in Infocomm Security Management course, he enrolled in external courses during school vacations, and attained industry certifications such as the Organisational Systems Security Analyst from ThinkSECURE and the Certified Ethical Hacker from EC-Council. A deep specialist, in his time with SP, Chuan Kai was part of the Organising Committee for a Gryphon Capture the Flag cybersecurity competition and represented SP at various national-level information security competitions like the Singapore Cyber Conquest (2017 & 2018), and the 2017 Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp, where he won the bronze award. 

While he always knew that he wanted a career in cybersecurity, it was not until an internship opportunity with GovTech that he realised that most importantly, he wanted to make a positive impact on people who rely on and utilise digital government services. A career in the Singapore Public Service would provide him the opportunity to serve the nation and shape Singapore’s cybersecurity landscape.

Chuan Kai firmly believes that inner motivation and passion determines successful outcomes. No matter what course one chooses in life, he feels that one should own his or her decisions with conviction. As he eloquently puts it, “if external influences take control over your decisions, a part of you will always feel that maybe you should have done something else. While this advice is not specific to your scholarship journey, this is a mindset that can help you in any stage or area in life.” Just as Chuan Kai found his calling in life, we hope all our students do too.


Sheikh Arfahmi Bin Sheikh Arzimi

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
Public Service Commission Scholarship (Engineering), 2019

An Inspired Engineer!

As a child, Sheikh Arfahmi used to assist his father whenever he had to repair faulty household equipment. At the age of 10, Sheikh successfully replaced a broken tap all by himself! His enthusiasm for fixing broken things and solving problems landed him in SP Engineering after secondary school – which he terms to be the best decision he has ever made!

Hailing from a humble background, Sheikh developed a huge sense of gratitude towards society and especially his family, teachers and friends when he realised how imperative their support had been in his academic success. Sheikh excelled at both curricular and extra-curricular activities; he was an SP Engineering Scholar, A*STAR Science Award recipient, SP Model Student and the Vice-President of the Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Club. When he found out that a PSC Scholarship would allow him to both contribute as an engineer and serve Singaporeans, he did not hesitate to apply. Sheikh envisions himself improving lives through the implementation of disruptive technologies. For example, the use of drones to inspect the structural integrity of an underground tunnel can reduce the need for human inspectors to work in high-risk environment. In order to do so, engineers are needed to bridge the gap between humans and technologies, and this is where he hopes to contribute.

Sheikh still remembers tearing up when he received the good news through email. It was a dream come true for him. He admits that there were times where he felt he didn’t stand a chance, but he is grateful for the guidance he received from teachers, mentors and the SPOT and EDGE Programme at SP. He maintains that he does not consider the scholarship a reward for his hard work or talent; but rather a responsibility to fulfil a cause he is committed to. He looks forward to a rewarding career in the Public Service to serve the community through excellence and heart.



Picture1 JIAMIN_cropped

Lim Jia Min

Diploma in Accountancy
Social Service Scholarship, National Council of Social Service (NCSS), 2019

Serving from the Heart

Lim Jia Min has been volunteering regularly at elderly homes since the age of 12. While most teens her age would rather focus on their friends and hobbies, Jia Min took joy in making friends with the residents and other volunteers. Watching the more reclusive elderly folks open up gradually warmed her heart. In 2018, she decided that she wanted to fully commit to empowering others instead of taking the traditional route of becoming an accountant. She would pursue Social Work at university instead.

Achieving the Social Service Scholarship was more than just an academic accomplishment to Jia Min. It was a celebration of her grit and resilience during a tough journey as a scholarship hopeful. Preparing for scholarship interviews amidst preparation for exams and projects was not an easy task and Jia Min often struggled with the perceived ideals of what a scholar should be. With support from mentors and teachers, she was able to overcome her doubts and fears. Learning from this experience, she stresses the importance of being aligned with one’s values, to be true to oneself and seeing roadblocks as opportunities to explore other paths.

Jia Min dreams of a community-centric society where every individual is empowered with the knowledge and skills to help themselves and the vulnerable. As a NCSS Scholar, she looks forward to not just connecting with people on the ground, but to effect lasting change for Singapore by tackling important social issues through leadership and policy-making.

divesh cropped 2

Divesh s/o Singaraju

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
Singapore Airlines – SINDA Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship, 2014

Flying High

As a child, Divesh Singaraju was fascinated and intrigued by the workings of an aeroplane. How could something so heavy defy gravity with such speed and grace? He chose to study at SP with one goal in mind – to fuel his passion for Aeronautics further. At SP, he took every opportunity to work towards bettering himself personally and professionally. As an industrial trainee with Taikoo Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd, he gained experience on working with Boeing 747-400. For his Final Year Project, Divesh and his team developed an Intermeshing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with a fully autonomous control and robust high-speed transmission system. He developed leadership skills through chairing key events for the Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Club.

At the end of three years, his love for Aeronautics was cemented and he graduated top of his course and was awarded the SIA Engineering Gold Medal and the Lee Kuan Yew Award. Applying for the Singapore Airlines – SINDA Overseas Undergraduate Scholarshipso that he could study at his dream school, Imperial College London, was a no-brainer for Divesh. It was a perfect opportunity to marry his love for engineering, the airline industry and build a career with a world class carrier. Needless to say, when he received his scholarship offer, he was quite literally floating on ‘Cloud 9.’ For those looking to join the airline industry, Divesh stresses the qualities of determination and creativity to navigate today’s volatile yet exciting world of innovation and constant change.

Divesh remains till date, an ardent believer of social responsibility. He continues to give back to society by volunteering at Make-A-Wish Singapore and Children's Cancer Foundation, initiatives he has been involved in since his poly days. No matter how busy he is, he believes that the ability to help those in need and seeing smiles on their faces, is something worth striving for. In his own words, “the power of will and love for fellow humans is a true testimony of who I am today.”