Ryan Ong

PSC Scholar

Ryan Ong
Diploma in Aerospace Engineering
Class 2021

Awarded the PSC Scholarship, Lee Kuan Yew institutional medal and DASE Course Gold medal, Ryan has come a long way since his self-professed reclusive student days in primary and secondary school, where he would, in his own words, “only focus purely on myself, my studies and my co-curricular activities, nothing else.”

Ryan described coming to SP as a defining moment in his life, where he blossomed through the opportunities accorded to him that enabled him to achieve academic success, sharpen his management skills, and acquire global perspectives. Among other things, he submitted a personal research paper to the Asia Pacific Microwave Conference in Hong Kong during his internship at A*STAR, an uncommon feat for polytechnic students. He also led a team comprising 15 others from Singapore and Cambodia to develop a sustainable pond system for local fish farmers in Cambodia.  In his personal time, he was active in serving the elderly community in Singapore.

Forging ahead, Ryan intends to pursue a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  He envisions applying his knowledge at GovTech to design and implement solutions to make a positive impact on Singaporeans, through technologies that are efficient, adaptable, accessible and affordable for all.

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