Period Event Description YEA(Achievement)
Mar USPE (Unity Scientific Innovation Challenge with SP & ERI@N) Unity Sec School collaborates with SP in hosting Unity Scientific Innovation Challenge Finals. The programme aims to ignite secondary school students’ curiosity and creativity in applying scientific principles to develop smart solutions for a better future. Prize winners will be considered.
Mar Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition
Category C1
SP is partnering Defence Science Organisation (DSO) and Science Centre Singapore (SCS) in the Singapore Amazing Flying Competition (SAFMC) Category C1. Prize winners will be considered.
Apr RoboCup SG Open Co-organised by SP and Science Centre Singapore (SCS), RoboCup SG Open provides the best opportunity for Singapore schools and students to benchmark themselves against the top minds of robotics and coding in the world. Prize winners will be considered.
Jan-Dec ApLM/AEM programmes SP-EEE ApLM programmes as listed below:

  • Aerospace Fundamentals with Flight Simulation (ApLMSPEG005)
  • Build Your Own Internet Of Things (AEMSPEG016)
  • Design & Make Cool Gadgets (AEMSPEG013)
  • Electronic Design & Development ( ApLMSPEG001)
  • Electronics in Healthcare Application (ApLMSPEG008)
  • Fundamentals in Robotic programming (ApLMSPEG018)
  • I can be a Technopreneur (ApLMSPEG023)
  • SP-MAE ApLM/AEM programmes as listed below:

  • Product Design and Development (AEMSPEG002)
  • Creative Modelling (AEMSPEG003)
  • Engineering in Medical Applications(ApLMSPEG015)
  • Robotics with IoT Made Easy (AEMSPEG021)
  • Applied Engineering on Aircraft Design & Fabrication with Virtual Reality Simulation (ApLMSPEG022)
  • Aerospace Fundamentals with Flight Simulation (ApLMSPEG005)
  • Outstanding students in these SP-EEE and SP-MAE  ApLM/AEMs, who are nominated by SP lecturers, will be considered.
    Jan – July NXplorers Organised by SCS, funded by Shell Singapore and supported by MOE, NXplorers is an innovative education programme that introduces young people to the complex and creative thinking needed to bring about positive change. Teams identify a problem and build a prototype of the solution for it. Prize winners will be considered.
    Jan-Dec Other Tier 2 programmes Other Tier 2 programmes organised by SP or SCS YEA (Achievement) eligibility will be announced in the details of each programme.
    SP Sustainability Matters