Digital Zoon

The Digitalisation Zone

The Digitalisation Zone depicts an enterprise which is keen to digitise their manual processes, and extract valuable information by connecting machines and equipment that are conventionally unconnected at the shop floor.

What you will experience here

Digitalisation of inventory management

The digital inventory management system eliminates the use of pen and papers while taking full accountability of material flow and storage. The barcode technology and digital storage system further optimise the handling of materials and tools.

Digitalisation of CNC machines

Transit to i4.0 is possible without the need to overhaul the entire shop floor. By retrofitting i4.0 technologies to work alongside existing machinery. These technologies include sensors to monitor the health and condition of the machines, data hubs for interacting and exchange of information.

Robot Material Handling

As demands of a product become more complex, more processes are required to support the primary machining operations. The Robotic Material Handling cell demonstrates how repetitive supporting processes can be automated to improve efficiency and return on investment as we remove humans from these repetitive tasks.

Legacy Machines

Conventional machines can be retrofitted with IoT data capturing devices - such as; sensors, and a human-machine interface that enables the connectivity to a data server for dashboard display. 

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