Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering Courses

The School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (MAE) was the first to offer a full-time engineering course in Singapore, and continues to lead in educating engineering technologists to support the nation's growth and development. 

At MAE, students are imbued with a healthy curiosity to explore the marvels of engineering in their daily lives. They take part in multidisciplinary projects where they integrate engineering with the sciences, information technology and the arts. They work with leading researchers and in complex social initiatives to help the unfortunate and underprivileged. 

Students are nurtured to become versatile thinkers who will shape the rapidly changing world of engineering and create solutions that benefit society. Their edge in harnessing emerging technologies will keep them in the forefront of innovation and progress.


The Diploma-Plus program is part of a Singapore Polytechnic wide initiative to provide a flexible learning system for students who are able to cope with their Diploma Course and at the same time pursue an additional qualification.


Advanced Modules

These optional modules provide students will additional knowledge in selected topics. Students may take three Advanced Mathematics Modules and one more in their final year (see diploma courses for listing).


ELR2B2 13 points

Aeronautical Engineering (S88)

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ELR2B2 13 points

Mechatronics & Robotics (S73)

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ELR2B2 17 points

Mechanical Engineering (S91)

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ELR2B2 19 points

Engineering Systems (S33)

With effect from AY2019, Engineering Systems diploma course has been incorporated into the Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

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ELR2B2 15 points

Engineering with Business (S42)

Most popular Engineering with Business diploma course in Singapore to nurture technopreneurs who can leverage technology to exploit business opportunities

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Bioengineering (to be merged into DME from AY2020)

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