Integrated Zoon

The Integrated Zone

The Integrated Zone depicts an enterprise where the digitalized processes and systems, be it operations or supply chain or product life-cycle, are securely integrated across all processes along value chain, hierarchical levels of automation pyramid, and different stages of product life cycle through the use of appropriate technologies.

What you will experience here

Flexibility achieved through Interoperability

The turning-milling robotic cell demonstrates how enabling software can be deployed to translate the raw data according to an established industrial information model. All the interconnected devices can then interact with each other and perform their intended functions efficiently and autonomously, achieving the communication standard stipulated in i4.0. – the aim of interoperability.

PLM Workflows for Data Management

Many digitised manufacturing operations are still operating in digital silos. As products and supply chains get more complex, a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool is introduced to guide the product through the product development lifecycle. PLMs, give organizations managing workflows, performing checklists on milestones, synchronizing design and material data. as well as change management processes.

Plug-and-Play connectivity technologies

In today’s proprietary fieldbus systems, communicated data cannot be interpreted by other devices on the network. To achieve a unified architecture platform, raw data must be translated and integrated into a standardised structural form. This plug and play operation allows devices to be added and removed from the architectural network easily and quickly.

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