Smart Zoon

The Smart Zone

The Smart zone connectivity features an integrated system with many connected interoperable production assets and systems with real-time communication capability.

What you will experience here

Unified Data Source 

At the centre of data-driven advanced manufacturing is the process of data acquisition. These data can first be automatically accessed from various sources using a metadata ‘layer’. The collected historical data allows advanced analytics to explore further opportunities to increase productivity.

Flexible and Predictive Manufacturing Systems

The flexible and predictive manufacturing systems showcases how an integrated production assembly can have the flexibility to respond rapidly to sudden unscheduled changes in demand and work interruptions. It works by collecting and analysing data real-time, deriving insights from the collected data immediately to achieved flexibility in handling unscheduled changes.

Real-Time Process Optimization

Communication delays are undesirable as it results in production waste or downtime. At the station level, the station augments and assists human operators by providing updated work instructions using computerized sensor systems to minimize human error.


Cyber-security implementations establish a 'tunnel' to securely connect two separate hosts. As well as finding suspicious actions within the network, determining an intrusion, and responding quickly to attacks to mitigate operational risks and protect assets.

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