Students will be informed of the fees payable during enrolment.  The course fees are payable in two (2) instalments. The 1st Semester fees are payable before enrolment. The 2nd Semester fees are payable after the commencement of the second semester.

The course fees consist of Tuition Fee and Other Fees.



Course Fees for Polytechnic Foundation Programme (Per Academic Year) - New Students Enrolling in AY2023


Course FeesTotal Per Academic Year
 SingaporeanSingapore PRInternational
Tuition Fee (TF)$340.00$3,250.00$11,040.00
Other Fees:   
-Examination      -$32.40$32.40


-GHSI       -       -$22.68
-Statutory Licence Fee (CLASS)    $8.10$8.10$8.10
Students' Union:   
-Entrance Fee$5.00$5.00$5.00
FEES PAYABLE$416.19$3,358.97$11,171.65

 Notes :

  1. The fees are inclusive of the prevailing 8% GST except for Tuition Fee (for Singaporean and Singapore PR), Students' Union related fees and fees set out in Note 2 below.
  2. In line with government fee freeze directive from 1 January to 31 December 2023, GST for Sports fee and Miscellaneous fee for Singaporean will remain at 7%. This is to ensure that the fees in AY2023 remain the same as AY2022.
  3. Fees inclusive of GST will be adjusted on 1 January 2024, based on 9% GST.
  4. The amount of Tuition Fee is subjected to annual revision by the Ministry of Education.
  5. GHSI - Group Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance is applicable to international students only.
  6. Students are advised to state clearly their citizenship status during enrolment. Those who inform the One Stop Centre of their change of citizenship to Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) status after the commencement of a semester will pay the fees for Singaporeans or SPR with effect from the next semester. There shall be no refund of the difference of fees already paid.



Please contact us at 6775 1133 or contactus@sp.edu.sg 

Information is correct as of 3 January 2023.