ComSkills & ECG

LSC offers a range of communication skills and ECG modules to full-time and part-time students. These modules help you in your academic studies, employment and life skills.

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The SPEAR programme is an institutional programme aimed at the holistic development of all students in SP. It equips them with important skills and mindsets to navigate their future. This programme’s focus on key generic skills and competencies complements the knowledge that students receive in their diploma courses, empowering them to make meaningful connections across fields.

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This is a talent development and enrichment programme designed to nurture SP students with leadership potential. SPOT strives to nurture leaders for tomorrow, today!

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CET & Industry Engagement (IE)


Recognising that life skills and communication are critical requirements in the industry, LSC established the Life Skills & Communication Hub (LSCH), the training arm of LSC, to provide soft skills development training that will enable professionals to better navigate the changing work environment, upskill and adapt to new job demands.

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