Singapore Polytechnic Outstanding Talent (SPOT) Programme

Do you have what it takes to change the world? Get SPOT-ed!

SPOT is a talent development and enrichment programme designed to nurture SP students with leadership potential into well-rounded individuals who are passionate about contributing their unique skillsets to the community and their future workplaces. The programme has an intake of approximately 200 students, across all Diplomas in SP, per academic year.

All SP Scholars are automatically enrolled into the SPOT programme. Other eligible students will be invited to join SPOT based on their academic results, CCA performance and lecturers' recommendation. This ensures that a wide-range of students from various backgrounds can come together and benefit from each others’ talents and knowledge.

Successful candidates can expect to enter a world of exciting opportunities such as:

  • Participating in a diverse range of seminars and workshops catered to maximise potential
  • Being a part of the organising team for a regional conference (Youth Model ASEAN Conference)
  • Getting prepped for scholarship and university applications
  • Learning about regional opportunities via a specially-designed module on ASEAN
  • Receiving special invitations to events featuring political and industry leaders
  • Getting full sponsorship to embark on leadership camps (applicable to all nationalities)
  • Obtaining special subsidies for SP overseas trips


Here's what a couple of our SPOT Alumni has to say:

lsc module spot kirstin

Kirstin Yip, DTVM, PSC Scholarship Recipient 2018

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time in SPOT because it opened the doors to many opportunities to learn through experience, be it by attending relevant workshops or organising events for others. Programmes like the Youth Model ASEAN Conference gave me a platform to improve my real-world knowledge, grow in confidence and gain different perspectives. I also had the privilege of meeting many warm, caring and like-minded peers who went on to become good friends of mine."

(Kirstin is taking a gap year to intern at NGOs to develop her passion for community service and engagement)


William Tan, DEEE, PSC Scholarship Recipient 2016

"As part of the SPOT experience, I was given the opportunity to engage the community and do my bit for society. I became a better speaker through extensive workshop practices - allowing me to display grace under pressure at interviews. Without SPOT, life at SP would never have been as fruitful and vibrant."

(William is pursuing a double degree in Engineering and Business Management jointly offered by SMU & SUTD)

lsc module spot william


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