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With a new model of education and the future of work, a strong grounding in communication and life skills will help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

"At Singapore Polytechnic we groom effective communicators who articulate thoughts & ideas confidently in various contexts, keep an open mind when collaborating with others and are resilient in their personal & professional pursuits."

ComSkills Programme | Poly Foundation Programme | Education & Career Guidance


ComSkills Programme

LSC's range of communication skills modules help you in your academic studies and employability skills, so that you will remain versatile in the face of changing demands of workplaces.

Taking reference from the Employability Skills (ES) WSQ Framework and working in partnership with course managers across SP’s academic schools, LSC communication modules hone specific skills, from personal effectiveness, emotional competence, teamwork, career preparation, to conflict management, presentation and report writing. Extensive use of case studies, role-play and hands-on activities allows you to sharpen your skills in authentic settings and situations. Those who are deemed competent in the WSQ skills standards integrated in our modules will be awarded Statements of Attainment (SOAs).

All academic schools select a number of modules from the list below for inclusion as core modules in the full-time and part-time diploma courses, as specified in their course structures:

  • Communicating for Personal & Team Effectiveness
  • Communicating for Project Effectiveness (Proposal)
  • Communicating for Project Effectiveness (Report)
  • Communicating for Professional Effectiveness
  • Interpersonal Skills & Proposal Writing
  • Effective Business Communication Skills

You can view the complete list of modules here.

For further details, please contact Mrs Teresa Chua-Moraes at or 6772 1090.

What students say


Manishpal Singh Dhadli (DME)

"CPT provides a good foundation in communication skills to help us cope with real world situations. I have learnt that I need to change the way I communicate in different situations. Possessing the right communication skills allows me to navigate complex and unfamiliar environments - important skills I will find useful for life."


Nur Hazirah Binte Mohamad Johan (DBIT)

"I have learnt a lot about communication skills, especially my own. These modules are necessary for those who want to develop their communication skills as they enhance a student's self-confidence in speaking and writing. The most important skill that I have acquired from these modules is how to deliver my ideas properly and persuasively to an intended audience."


Ong Rongqing Kenneth (DEEE)

"What I like best about the pre-lesson assignments in CPR is that I get to learn some basic concepts first so I can participate more effectively and confidently in class. The pre-lesson assignments are also short (took me about 15 mins to complete) and my efforts are recognised as part of class participation. Oh, I found the pre-lesson notes and slides very helpful when preparing the actual report."


Sean Ow Jou Chern (DARCH)

"The CPF module is very relevant in preparing us for the future, be it job participation in social events. It teaches us how to deal with unexpected situations when working. All in all, the module has been integral in preparing us to be work ready."


Tee Kheng Cheong (DME)

"I feel that, overall, CPT has been a fun and enriching module… I have learnt many new practical skills that will improve my teamwork and communication. These new skills have made me a more confident speaker and a more competent team member."


Too Jun Yee (DACP)

"Unlike other core modules in school, to me, SP's ComSkills modules hold a special place in my heart. These modules provide an interesting avenue where I can explore the way I communicate and present myself to others. Through the ComSkills programme in SP, I also find myself more confident in articulating my thoughts, and am more aware and better equipped with knowledge and communication skills in personal and professional situations."


Poly Foundation Programme (PFP)

Started in AY2013/2014, this programme is offered to Secondary 4 Normal (Academic) stream students who have completed their GCE N(A)-Level examination. This year-long programme prepares students for their academic studies in the polytechnic.

LSC offers two modules in the PFP. If you are enrolled in the PFP, you will take the modules below as specified in your curriculum structure:

  • Foundation Language & Communication Skills
  • Active & Effective Citizenry


Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

LSC offers two Educational and Career Guidance modules to all full-time students. These modules cover three broad areas of personal management, learning & career exploration, and career management.

Personal management focuses on helping you develop a positive career self-concept and interact with others positively and effectively while learning & career exploration focuses on helping you explore career options and understand the importance of embracing lifelong learning. Finally, in career management, learn how you can take ownership of your career and prepare for employability.


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