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Anhydrous Beauty: The Waterless Skincare Formulation

Anhydrous or waterless beauty is a formulation made without water, while still containing active ingredients or botanical oils in stable formulations. This approach to formulations increases efficacy on the skin. Anhydrous beauty products are growing in popularity due to the trending of green, safe and sustainable skincare products. Some of the most popular waterless beauty products are in the form of powders. Three benefits of waterless beauty products : 1. Formulation potency. Active ingredients last longer at higher concentrations for higher efficacy. 2. Sustainability. Saving on usage of water cuts down on unnecessary packaging and reduces the carbon footprint during transportation. 3. Travel-friendly. Travel restrictions involving liquid contents of items no longer apply.


Chris Ching

Joshua Teo


Winni Wee | Muhammad Syahirul Bin Zulkifli


Diploma In Perfumery & Cosmetic Science

SP Sustainability Matters