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Smart EV Charging and Monitoring project

The solution features hardware add-ons to an approved third-party EV charger unit to detect and record information such as vehicle arrival/departure and licence plate number and control the start/end of charging. The solution is able to connect to a cloud management system that monitors a fleet of individual charging points and enables data to be gathered for future analysis and improvements.

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Anhydrous Beauty: The Waterless Skincare Formulation

Anhydrous beauty - beauty products without water. Three benefits of waterless beauty products : 1. Formulation potency. Active ingredients last longer at higher concentrations. 2. Sustainability. Saving on usage of water cuts down on unnecessary packaging and reduces carbon footprint during transportation. 3. Travel-friendly. Travel restrictions involving liquid contents no longer apply. "

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Insulation Materials to Reduce Heat Transfer and Improve Energy Efficiency

"This project aims to upcycle incineration ash and recycled glass into high value added insulation materials, such as silica aerogel and foam glass, for improving energy efficiency in sustainable buildings. The application of aerogel and foam glass in building materials can significantly lower their k-value and achieve previously unattainable thermal performance."

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