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Smart EV Charging and Monitoring Project

The solution features hardware add-ons to an approved third-party EV charger unit such as microcontrollers, sensors, touchscreen displays, lightings and cameras. These serve to detect and record information such as vehicle arrival/departure and licence plate number and control the start/end of charging. Users can also view the number of EV charging lots available and make payment at a charging station. Additionally, the solution is able to connect to a cloud management system that monitors a fleet of individual charging points and enables data to be gathered for future analysis and improvements. As of Apr 2022, ENEReady has been approved under the list of EV Common Charger Grant by LTA.


Tan Chee Seng

Lim Yuen Siong


Lim Le Yang | Poh Jia Rong


Diploma In Computer Engineering

SP Sustainability Matters