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PFP Freshmen Orientation











PFP FOP is a compulsory programme for all PFP students as you would be introduced to the programme, personal tutor and classmates. Note that all PFP students do not need to attend FO Camps or FOP that is organized by the other diplomas as those are meant for Year 1 diploma students.


To prepare you for your PFP FOP @SP, please refer to the following information:

1) Please make sure you have read carefully and completed the tasks (1 to 7), as stated on

  • [task 1] Purchase laptop based on laptop recommendation list from your future diploma schools. The recommended laptop model from your future diploma is also compatible with PFP.
  • [task 7] Participate in the SP Cares food donation drive and receive CCA points. Please refer to task 7 for the list of food items you can donate and bring them on 12th April 2023 (Wed).

2) Click on MS FOP 2023 for the PFP FOP venues and other details (11th – 13th April 2023).

3) To find your way around SP, do check out the online SP map

4). [For Science and Technology (S&T) track students – from class JP01/FT/1A/01 to JP01/FT/1A/12]. Please refer to the table below and prepare for the lab coat sizes to be ordered with your lecturers on 12th April 2023.

labcoat order table

5) Do also check out Surviving Home-Based Learning – An SP Student Toolkit for tips on online learning.


See you at SP campus for PFP FOP on 11 April 2023 (Tuesday)!

SP at 70SP at 70