Freshman Orientation Programme

Welcome to your student life in Singapore Polytechnic!

Congratulations! We are excited to have you join us!

Freshman Orientation Programme (FOP) is a compulsory programme and the most important event for new students. In the space of a week before the start of the academic year, you will be oriented on the use of all the important SP e-services and enjoy a tour of your school facilities during your orientation programme in SP. You will also meet your new classmates and personal tutors so you do not feel so alone on your first day of school!

Important things to do before coming to school

Please refer to your offer email for your admission number in order to perform some of the following tasks.

1. Purchase laptop
Purchase your laptop online at

2. Find Class Assignment
Click to find your class assignment  or go to  > e-Services/e-Resources > Personal > My Info

3. Check your school FOP
Please scroll down to School FOP to find out where and when you need to report for your school freshman orientation programme.

4.  Complete the following modules in BrightSpace
You will need to sign in using your iChat account (e.g. Please use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

1. SPICE Essentials Training materials (by 14 April 2023) 

Learn to connect to SP Student wireless internet and get up to speed with the essential SP e-Services by watching the videos in this module. 

2. Prepared Citizens (by 12 May 2023)

This module covers the importance of embracing all races and religions and supporting social cohesion. It shares how to be a prepared citizens and how to make SP Secure.
Students taking Diplomas in Nautical Studies and Diploma in Maritime Studies, please click here.
Students taking all other diplomas, please click here.

3. Workplace Safety and Heath Awareness Training (by end of Semester 1) 

This 60-minute training on "Campus Safety & Health - Our Responsibility" will introduce the fundamentals of safety and health to all freshmen.

4. Respect in Relationship  (by end of Semester 1) 

Understanding your boundaries and respecting other people's.

5. 7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students (by end of Semester 1) 

Do you know practising the 7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students will help you improve your grades and your relationship? Start your journey of 7 habits now.

5. Download our SP Apps
Download the SP Mobile App to access all the essential tools you need, and  the SP AR Map to guide you to your destination in SP campus.

6. Update your Pre-SP CCA Record
Click to update your pre-SP CCA record or go to > e-Services/e-Resources (for Students) > CCA > Pre-SP CCA

7. Take part in SP Cares
Be part of #SPCares by bringing food items such as rice, cooking oil and canned food to donate to Food from The Heart during your school FOP. Scroll down to SP Cares for more information.

School FOP

International Student FOP

If you are an international student and wish to connect with and get some guidance from other local and international students, we welcome you to join the International Student FOP (ISFOP). 

Click here for the programme (please note that this is in addition to your school FOP).

Freshman Camps

Worried of being alone on the first day of school? Having school jitters? Why not kick start your poly life with our Freshman camps organised by Singapore Polytechnic Students’ Union, the academic school clubs and its optional constituent clubs? Get a sneak peek into the exciting side of Poly life and make some friends before school starts.

Grab this fantastic opportunity to interact with other freshmen or seniors before the academic year gets busy! Click to view the camp posters (via iChat account) and the registration links!

SP Cares

As part of our SP core values, we encourage students to serve the community in many ways, through our various local community and overseas service learning projects. And to kickstart your journey, all freshmen will be participating in SP Cares as part of your orientation programme.

Your generous donations will go a long way in meeting the most important basic needs of the less-fortunate families and elderly in Singapore through food distribution programmes. Watch this video to find out more about this food donation drive by SP Cares!

Click here to see the list of food items and to find out more.

CCA Carnival

As you embark on your exhilarating journey in SP, you will forge new friendships and garner new experiences that will last you a lifetime.

From exciting treks with the Adventurers, rowing with our champion Dragon Boaters, and shining like a star under the bright lights of the stage, we have over 100 CCA clubs for you to choose from. We are sure you will find one to call your own!

Visit the three-day CCA Carnival to explore the CCA booths and sign up for your most favourite CCA! Enrich your student life and make your time in SP memorable!

Date: 11 to 13 April 2023

Time: 11am to 6pm

Venue: Food Court 5 foyer, Sports Arena (SPAR) Walkway and Rockwall Central Plaza, Student Development Office Foyer, Poly Centre. 

Click here to find out more.

Education & Career Guidance (ECG)

Connect with our Education and Career Coaches to explore your strengths, interests, education and career goals. Watch the ECG video to find out more.

Click here for ECG brochure

Visit our Library & Fablab

Learn how to use your student card/account to borrow books, magazines, and to access Library & FabLab digital resources, services and facilities, such as Project rooms, photo/video recording studios and Makerspace. 

Click to view our Library & FabLab FOP page

HBL Survival Toolkit

At some point of your journey in SP, we may embark on Home-Based Learning (HBL). This HBL survival toolkit has useful learning strategies that you can adopt to manage and monitor your learning. You will also find useful tips and strategies to manage your mental and physical wellness.

Click to view our HBL toolkit