Meet our students who applied to SP through the EAE!


Hansen Wee (left in picture)
Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE)
DSTA Polytechnic Engineering Scholar 2022
Alumnus of School of Science and Technology, Singapore

With a passion for planes and aerodynamics since secondary school, Hansen knew he wanted to join the aviation industry in the future. Particularly impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities in SP and the in-depth curriculum, Hansen applied for SP’s Diploma in Aerospace Electronics via the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE).

Today, the SP Engineering scholar has excelled not only academically, but also outside of classes. “I really enjoyed my time in SP thus far. I have met many like-minded individuals and forged great ties with the people around me. With the flexible timetable, I was also able to explore my other hobbies through CCAs and participating in external events, as well as embarking on the Singapore Youth Flying Club Flying Course.”

His tip for your EAE application?

“Be confident! Show that you are an eager learner, and be passionate in what you want to pursue. Read up about the course and the school too!”


Senshin Goh
Diploma in Media, Arts & Design (DMAD)
Alumna of Bukit Merah Secondary School

Growing up, drawing and creating art has always been Senshin’s favourite pastime. The creative soul had her sights set on the arts industry since she was in secondary school and was not afraid to pursue it. When she saw the opportunity to enter SP’s Diploma in Media, Arts & Design via the Early Admissions Exercise, Senshin gave her best shot. Today, she is honing her skills and pursuing her passion in the Design for Communication & Experience specialisation!

“It’s been pretty cool, I’ve managed to learn a lot of new skills within a short period of time and most importantly, I am able to do what I enjoy. The environment is pretty nice as well with lots of good friends and friendly lecturers. I also had the opportunity to have my works displayed at Orchard Library and it was an eye-opening experience for me!”

On top of excelling in her academics, Senshin has also harnessed her passion for illustrations and started her own small business. Her Instagram account selling hand-drawn sticker illustrations and keychains have garnered over 20,000 followers – motivating her to continue honing her craft!   

Her tip for your EAE application?

“During the EAE interview, remember to be yourself and try to relax/stay as calm as you can! Because once you get nervous you tend to mess up more easily.



Shawn Yip
Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)
Alumnus of Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

Shawn has always had his mind set on pursuing Business as his choice of study, following the footsteps of his parents and family. Back in secondary school, he would buy table-top vacuum cleaners from suppliers and earn a profit by reselling to his peers at a higher cost.

Shawn chose SP’s Common Business Programme as it provided him the opportunity to experience different fields of business before deciding on a specialisation. “I wanted to learn something related to business but my knowledge and understanding of the business world and sectors were limited back then.”

After a year of business taster modules, Shawn has chosen to further his studies in Business Administration. He especially enjoys his business modules and learning more about entrepreneurship. “My experience in SP has been amazing. I met many awesome and wonderful friends, friendly lecturers and learnt much more than what I have expected in a fun and engaging way.”

His tip for your EAE application?

“You can include any relevant past experiences you have! For myself, I included my entrepreneurship and working experience. It helps if you hold any leadership positions in your CCA or student bodies.”


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