Now that you have successfully enrol as a SP student, what is next?

Here are some matters that you should take note before you start class in April/October.


From end February/mid September

(For International Students only)

Apply for Student's Pass at Student's Pass Online Application & Registration (SOLAR)
Visit  Student's Pass Application Process to find out more.

Submit your SG Arrival Card within three (3) days prior to the date of arrival in Singapore. Visit ICA Website for more information.

Refer here for vaccination requirement.

From mid March

Notebook PC - All students will need to own a notebook PC during their study in SP. For more details, visit the Notebook PC Corner.

From early April/October

Diploma Student Concession Card Application - Visit here for more details.

Freshman Orientation

(Week of 8 April 2024)

(not applicable to students enrolled in Semester 2)

Freshman Orientation

Visit https://www.sp.edu.sg/ccas/our-events/freshman-orientation-programme for important information and updates on Freshman Orientation Program (FOP) 2024.

[Optional] sign up for Freshman Camp 2024 here by 15 March 2024.

From early


Academic Calendar

School / Department Location

From early April/October

Student ClassCheck your allocated class at

Enquire Student Class

1 week before term commencementClass Timetable - Check your class timetable at Student Eservices Page > Academic > Student Class Timetable
After Matriculation

(For International Students)

Accommodation Matters - There are some apartments on campus for rental. Click here for more details.

From mid-February for April intake / September for October intake

Information and Instructions for Tuition Grant (TG)
[not applicable for Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP)]

SP Sustainability Matters