SP Dance Sport

SP Dance Sport

An infusion of Latin American dances coupled with the spirit of competition and a dash of fun is what DanceSport is made of.

Here at SP DanceSport, we specialize in 5 main Latin Dances: Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Samba and Paso Doble. Occasionally, we also throw in other genres to spice up our performances.

DanceSport is a partnership dance genre, so have no fear of not being able to make new friends! With a close-knit community of dancers from all ages, races and dance backgrounds, the experience will definitely enrich, excite and engage your poly experience. With us, we guarantee that your poly life will never be the same again!

For those who are looking for something more practical, DanceSport is also a great way to build interpersonal skills, build confidence, improve posture and stay healthy! Our numerous events will also ensure that your pool of CCA points will definitely not be found wanting.


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