Green technology

Electrochemical Water Treatment Process

The concern of harmful microorganisms and pathogens in water sources has implications on public health and food safety. An eco-conscious solution in water treatment through electrolysis, utilizes electricity to initiate chemical reactions that effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms, pathogens, and impurities in water sources. Electrochemical treatment offers numerous benefits, especially eliminating the need for harmful chemicals in the water treatment. It is versatile and provides on-site generation of disinfectants, reducing the need for chemical transportation and associated carbon footprint. The primary aim is to design a purpose-built device that leverages electrolysis to purify water from harmful organisms, addressing this critical issue in water treatment and purification.


Dr Tin Pei Shi | Dr Handojo Djati Utomo


Loke Yan Jun | Saran S/O Suresh Kumar | Yeoh Wen Ting | Muhammad Ainul Yakin Bin Mohammad Farid Faizal | Liaw Jia Xuan


Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Diploma in Civil Engineering


MEDEC (International) Pte Ltd

SP Sustainability Matters