School of Chemical & Life Sciences

Design and Build a Smart Egg Whisker

Egg foams are crucial for making cakes and soufflés. When egg whites are whisked, the proteins are unfolded and exposed to air giving rise to the foam. Getting the right foam stiffness requires great experience as different types of cakes require different degrees of foam stiffness. In this project, a smart device that enables egg white foam of any desired stiffness to be whisked is created.

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Biohydrogen Production through 2-stage Fermentation Process of Food Waste

Green hydrogen is a promising future energy carriers. Biological methods for hydrogen production have low setup cost and mild operating conditions and have hence gained much interests in recent years. In this project, a 2-stage bioreactor system is created. In the first, enzymatic hydrolysis converts the starch in biomass into sugars while in the second, bacteria turns the sugars into hydrogen.

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Smart Pump as the Final Control Element for Chemical Processes

Constant speed pump/control-valve combination is commonly used in the process industry to control flow. At low flow, a large fraction of the pump discharge is recirculated back to an upstream vessel. With a smart pump, flow can be reduced by adjusting the speed driver bringing energy saving and equipment cost reduction. This project studies how flow and pump speed are related for a smart pump.

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