Green technology

Subterranean Energy Storage System with District Cooling Utilizing LNG

The intermittent nature of solar power underscores the importance of high-quality Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) to enhance grid resilience and enable a transition to cleaner energy sources. BESS operations generate heat during charging and discharging, necessitating suitable spacing and effective cooling solutions. In response to these challenges, this project endeavours to address both issues by siting the BESS within the Jurong Rock Caverns on Jurong Island and harnessing cooling from the regasification process of liquefied natural gas. By doing so, this project not only provides a cost-effective cooling method and significant land conservation but also opens up opportunities for a profitable district cooling system.


Ting Kok Eng


Bryan Chan Wei Jie | Sistla Satya Satvik | Tan Jun Xian | Wang Ding Yang


Diploma in Chemical Engineering

SP Sustainability Matters