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Valorisation of Ugly Fruits into Drinkable Fruit Jelly with Probiotics

Lactobacillus salivarius, a probiotic bacterium, is incorporated into food products and is known for its positive effects on gut health and dental hygiene. This project harnessed its potential to combat Singapore's food wastage problem, where leftovers and unsold produce contribute to environmental and economic challenges, fostering pests and escalating food prices. The solution involves transforming blemished, but edible fruits into an innovative, drinkable fruit jelly infused with boba pearls, rich in L. salivarius. Consuming this product can foster gut health as the probiotics thrive in the digestive system. The objective is to create a sustainable, health-promoting, and eco-friendly product that addresses food wastage issues while benefiting both individuals and the environment.


Adeline Koh | Dr Oni Yuliarti


Tan Jun Yu Xavier | Muhd Danial Hikari Bin Abdullah | Lee Yih Cher Jasper


Diploma in Biomedical Science


Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation(SIFBI), A*STAR

SP Sustainability Matters