DFST alumna tops her cohort in the Bachelor of Food Technology with Honour at SIT.

08 Jan 2018

Seah Xin Hui (Class of 2016) made the Provost's List for her excellent academic achievements in the Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). She achieved a minimum Yearly Grade Point Average (YGPA) of 4.5 and was placed in the top 2% of her cohort.

She shared, "The Diploma in Food Science and Technology course at SP has provided me with a good basic foundation of the field. The extensive hands-on laboratory sessions and problem-based learning approach make theories easy to understand and apply. This course deepened my interest in the field of food technology and it is also the reason I chose to further my study in SIT-Massey Food Technology course."

Photo taken from the Straits Times.


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