An experiential Journey from farm to fork

09 Oct 2019

Thailand was an eye opening experience as we had a chance to see the entire food manufacturing process from raw ingredients being farmed, harvested and processed till they were packaged and ready for the market. We also caught a glimpse into the roles that food science and food security played in our everyday lives. The 12-day Overseas Immersion Programme was interesting as we could see our textbooks come to life. It also broadened our horizons as we saw how by-products are being converted to other useful goods to help ease the burden of waste.

DFST_From Farm to Fork_2019_1
Visiting the vegetable farm 
DFST_From Farm to Fork_2019_4
Visiting a local university 
 DFST_From Farm to Fork_2019_3
At the visitor centre of a beverage processing plant
 DFST_From Farm to Fork_2019_2
Carrying out an experiment at a local university
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