An inspiring mission in Cambodia

03 Oct 2023

Seventeen students from the Diploma in Optometry (DOPT) course embarked on a 14-day overseas community service to three Cambodian cities: Phnom Penh, Kampong Chhnang, and Siem Reap. The students conducted vital visual screenings and encountered a spectrum of eye diseases seldom seen in the context of Singapore.

As they honed their skills, the students embraced a unique challenge: mastering the art of communication with the locals. They conducted visual assessments and immersed themselves in the culture, learning a few Khmer phrases along the way to establish meaningful connections and facilitate effective dialogue with the community they served.

This trip served as a powerful lesson in embracing the philosophy of “expect nothing and appreciate everything.” The students witnessed firsthand that despite having fewer material possessions, the local Cambodian people radiated happiness and contentment.


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