Biomedical Science alumnus entering NUS Dentistry

20 Dec 2022

Biomedical Science (DBS) alumnus Soo Tze Yee (Class of 2022) shares her journey from SP to NUS Dentistry.

"Working with various volunteering organisations throughout my time in DBS, I found passion in working and serving the people around me. My interest in working at the frontlines of healthcare solidified when I began my clinical attachment at Tan Tock Seng Hospital as a cardiac technologist.

Being an O level art student in a science diploma, I spend a lot of my free time doodling, crafting and painting. These little artistic hobbies allowed me to refine my hands-on skills, which helped me pass the manual dexterity test (MDT), which is one of the assessments to enrol into NUS Dentistry.

I understand that CLS courses are filled with mathematics and sciences, but never neglect your hobbies! They might bring you to places you can never imagine yourself in."


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