Biomedical Science alumnus received MOE Teaching Award

10 Aug 2022

Congratulations to Diploma in Biomedical Science alumnus Goh Jia Yang (Class of 2022)! Jia Yang was awarded the Ministry of Education (MOE) Teaching Award to pursue his degree in Education at National Institute of Education (NIE). This scholarship and sponsorship prepare students with strong interest in teaching for a career in the Education Service.

Jia Yang shares, “DBS’s fun and innovative ways of teaching have sparked joy and brought great depths to my learning and these kindled my passion for Biology. SP has also provided multiple platforms for me to explore and apply my learning. I have won the Circular Economy + Sustainability Competition and mentored kids from less fortunate families. My favourite quote from one of my mentors is that “It’s Not What We Teach; It’s What They Learn”; seeing how the kids I tutored excelled melts my heart. The team of passionate lecturers has inspired me to become a Biology teacher, one who is kind and empathic like them, ready to mould the future of Singapore. I am more than grateful for the role these lecturers play in my life.”

DBS-Goh Jia Yang

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