Biomedical Science graduate entering NTU Medicine

01 Nov 2021

Congratulations to our Diploma in Biomedical Science (DBS) Class of 2021 graduate Pee Zechariah.

Zechariah always had a passion and interest for medical research, and always found biology and medicine interesting. He also realized that in research, both fields could be fused together to improve lives. Thus, upon graduating from Secondary School, he decided to enroll in the Diploma in Biomedical Science, as he felt it would grant him a head start in his future career.

Throughout the programme, he was fascinated and enthralled with the concepts introduced at the lectures and practicals. The highlight of his journey was definitely the internship and final-year-project experience as it immersed him in a real-world research setting. This allowed him to plan his own research project, generate data, and then present his findings. This stint further ignited his passion for translational research.

Upon completion of the medical degree, Zechariah hopes to work as a clinician-scientist, where he can design novel therapeutics that meet the needs of patients, and make meaningfully contributions towards medicine and health sciences in the future.


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