Chemical Engineering lecturer comments on on the rising trend of using water purifiers at home

26 Feb 2024

8 World, 26 Feb 2024 - Commenting on the rising trend of using water purifiers at home, SP School of Chemical & Life Sciences lecturer Tan Mei Xi pointed out that, “Some people are more sensitive to the taste of chlorine. In this case, one may consider removing the chlorine taste. Most people install it for convenience, because the water dispenser technology is quite advanced these days. It can heat or cool water and provide you with room temperature water.” On whether water purifiers are more energy-efficient, and if the water quality can be kept pure for a long time, Mei Xi opined that, “If you usually like to drink hot water, it may be more energy-efficient to boil it all at once with a kettle and then put it in a thermos. If you (usually) drink room temperature water, if you use a water dispenser, you can filter it and drink it directly, which seems to be more energy-efficient.”

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