Congratulations to Biomedical Science Alumnus for graduating as Valedictorian!

24 Dec 2020

Congratulations to Biomedical Science alumnus Clement Ng (Class of 2014) for graduating as valedictorian from The University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) majoring in Zoology.

His research interests are on human impacts in marine fish populations, specifically fishing and climate change. Clement’s honours project was on drivers of snapper growth variation along the east and west coasts of Australia. He has presented his research at national conferences and received several awards for his work. Clement was awarded the Howitt Natural History Scholarship in 2019.

He hopes to continue his research by working with developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, to promote the sustainable management and conservation of these important fishery resources into the future.

Click here to watch Clement’s valedictory speech.

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