DPCS Alumni Sharing Session

04 Aug 2020

On 29 July 2020, two Perfumery & Cosmetic Science (DPCS) alumni, Ms Zoe Tan (Class of 2107) and Ms Tang Jia Yee (Class of 2018), were invited by the school to share with their juniors on their life and work experiences via webinar.  The DPCS Year 1 students had an enlightening time gaining valuable insights into the exciting world of applications and research work in perfumery and cosmetic science. 

Ms Tan Yi Ling Zoe (Class of 2017), Junior Fragrance Evaluator with Senses International (S) Pte Ltd

Ms Tang Jia Yee (Class of 2018), Skincare Application Formulator, HYSSES (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Two students gave the following feedback after the session:

“Through this sharing session, I’ve learnt of the different opportunities available to me after graduation.  Apart from pursuing a laboratory career, there are opportunities to take on business roles as well.  I also learnt that I can take up a part-time degree course while working.”

Seet Si Lam Whitney
Current Year 1 Student

“It was enlightening to learn what my seniors had gone through for internship and how they are using their skills in their present work.  I have a clearer insight into what I can pursue after I graduate.”

Goh Yan Qing
Current Year 1 Student

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