Gift of Sight: Nepal

13 Jul 2018

Our team of 18 SP Optometry students and two staff officially begun our Gift of Sight journey to Bhakhunde Besi, Nepal on 5 June 2018. Over the course of 14 days, we provided eye screening services to 1866 local Nepali children and villagers, and referred 50 of them for free cataract surgery. A total of 642 pairs of sunglasses and 604 pair of reading glasses were distributed. Fifty-one customised refraction jobs were brought back and made in Singapore for our patients in Nepal.

“I think the team had done an amazing job given the limitations in terms of knowledge and language. I’m also glad that the students could understand us with the help of the translators. We managed to bond with the kids more during the games and surprisingly the kids understood and could listen to our instructions.

We grew a lot as a team in spite of the many discussions and disagreements, we managed to work out our differences and find mutual solutions. It truly has been a meaningful trip.”

Muhammad Hanzalah Bin Amren
DOPT Year 3 student


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