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07 Dec 2020

What was Biomedical Science alumna Giam Yan Hui's most memorable first experience with SP? “It would be the first time I put on a lab coat! I felt like a really cool scientist!”

Little did she know then that today she would be embarking on her post-graduate research journey, conducting research on the world’s worst pandemic in decades – COVID-19!

Yan Hui’s SP journey began after graduating from Chung Cheng High (Main). The then 16-year-old was fascinated with forensics and chose SP’s Diploma in Biomedical Science (DBS), as the course included a forensics biology module.

Yan Hui shares, “My SP journey was pretty tough. Initially, I struggled with the workload as there was a lot to study in biomed. Plus, a lot of time was spent in the lab. But later in university, I realised I missed lab work the most because hands-on learning helped me to understand certain topics better.”

Upon graduating from SP, Yan Hui chose the University of Dundee, United Kingdom, to pursue her degree in biomedical science. “The huge amount of lab work during my time in SP was one of my most valuable takeaways. I learnt many techniques that are still applicable and helpful in my research today. DBS also provided me with a foundation in many topics and that helped me in my learning during my undergraduate years.”

Upon completing her undergraduate study in biomedical science, Yan Hui continued her post-graduate research in April 2020 with her supervisor Professor James Chalmers, who is the British Lung Foundation Professor of Respiratory Research at Dundee University. Professor Chalmers was tasked to lead the research on studies involving anti-inflammatory drugs that could treat or reduce lung inflammation in COVID-19 patients.

As the world scrambled to adapt to COVID-19, so did Yan Hui and her research. Her initial research area on a different lung disease has taken a backseat while she currently works on two studies that can potentially help COVID-19 patients all over the world. Yan Hui shares, “I am really thankful for this opportunity to play a part in fighting COVID-19, and I hope that we all win this fight soon!”

The article was first published on our Open House 2021 microsite.

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