Insights and challenges on careers in life sciences industry

26 Aug 2020

Navigating through life’s ups and downs is never easy and this is even more so for students. The multi-faceted challenges we face run the gamut from relationships, to choosing electives or course options, coping with our modules and, for many of us, figuring out which career best suits us.

Thankfully, this semester, we had the good fortune to ‘walk in the shoes’ of seniors as they shared their respective journeys with us after leaving SP.   

Tan Ming Jie (Class of 2003), co-founder of DeNova Sciences gave us an insight into his journey in starting up and growing a biomedical science company in Singapore.

Tan Ming Jie

Recent graduates Leung Leik Yu (Class of 2019) and Jasmine Lim (Class of 2020) shared about their SP journey and their thought processes when selecting their university courses. Steven Ong (Class of 2013) who is currently pursuing his Masters degree at the University of Copenhagen informed us about overseas university and scholarship applications and his take on the biomedical science industry in European countries. Ismawanty Binte Abdul Razak (Class of 2010), now a Senior Medical Social Worker provided deep insights into the meaningful work of medical social workers.

Steven Ong (top left) and Ismawanty Binte Abdul Razak (top right)