SP Biomedical Science alumni embark on their journey at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

13 Nov 2023

Four Biomedical Science (DBS) alumni from the Class of 2023 continue their journey from Singapore Polytechnic (SP) to Medical school. Three of them shared their journey from SP to the National University of Singapore Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine:

From left to right: Jotham Wong Shin Yen, Victoria Lim Yan Yi and Eunice Lum Jing Ting

Jotham Wong Shin Yen

Jotham’s interest in Medicine was partially influenced by his workaholic parents, as they enjoy their work and cannot stand being idle. Drawing a similarity to them, he finds that the work in the medical frontline is constantly moving and there is never a dull moment.

To gain deeper understanding of the healthcare sector and apply the knowledge and skills he picked up as a DBS student, Jotham actively volunteers at hospitals supporting the patients. His active and outstanding contribution to the community also earned him the Harvard Book Prize.

Victoria Lim Yan Yi

Victoria’s aspiration to pursue Medicine began at a young age, where she was intrigued by the human body and the complexities of it, which subsequently ignited a passion for unraveling the mysteries of health and illness. This interest led her to pursue DBS, which laid the groundwork for the knowledge and skills required for the rigors of medical education.

Through her clinical attachment at National Heart Centre Singapore as a cardiac technologist student, she gained opportunities to work with healthcare professionals and interact with patients. This exposure helped Victoria to hone crucial skills and qualities required of a future medical professional. The experience reinforced her aspiration to be a frontline healthcare worker where she could work closely with patients.

Eunice Lum Jing Ting

Eunice’s journey towards becoming a doctor was influenced by her exposure to patient interactions during the holidays where she worked at NUH Department of Emergency as a patient service associate. Her aspiration to pursue a medical career was further shaped during her clinical attachment as a cardiac technologist student in National Heart Centre, where she gained medical training and learning opportunities.

To gain deeper understanding of the healthcare sector, Eunice actively volunteers at IMH and various organisations such as Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) supporting underprivileged children. She also shared that getting into school of medicine is not an end goal but another journey where she ventures into and serve her purpose to alleviate the pain of patients, navigate them through their illness and importantly not to see them just like another medical case.”

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