SP Optometry staff received Distinguished Service Award

13 Oct 2022

Dr Rajeev Narayanan, SP Optometry senior lecturer, was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the Eye and Vision Health Awards Committee 2022. Distinguished Service Award is given to eye care professionals (e.g. optometrists, opticians, ophthalmologists or support staff) who constantly contributed to their profession and eye care. Rajeev displayed outstanding behaviour, actions and attitudes towards eye care and elevated the standing of the profession in the public eye.

Congratulations Dr Rajeev!

Dr Rajeev Narayanan (Back row, sixth from left)

Dr Rajeev has been an outstanding and passionate SP Optometry educator, who has effectively trained hundreds of young optometry students and adult industry practitioners for Singapore eye care industry over the past 17 years. He possesses outstanding connections with eye care industry leaders and stakeholders with established training and research collaborations. An excellent former course chair and manager of our optometry section, who was actively driving optometry team with key curriculum initiatives such as enhanced industry-based internship, case-based learning, collaborative research projects, and numerous impactful community eye care projects.

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