SP Optometry White Coat Ceremony 2021

03 Sep 2021

The White Coat Ceremony was held virtually for 107 students from the Diploma in Optometry (DOPT) on the 24 and 30 August 2021. The Ceremony is symbolic within the field of medicine and healthcare as it marks the beginning of a student’s journey towards a lifelong profession as a physician or clinician. The ceremony highlights the significance of the white coat and the duty of care each student clinician has towards their patients.

In his opening address, Dr Tan Tuan Lin, Acting Director, School of Chemical & Life Sciences, reminded the students of their responsibility to stay abreast of industry and medical advancements so that they can perform eye examinations to the best of their abilities and provide the best care for their patients. Next, invited speaker, Mr Ken Tong, President of the Singapore Optometric Association, shared how rewarding his optometric career has been for him.

A video collage of students donning their white coats was played on screen, followed by a sharing by fresh graduates Douglas Wong Jun Wen and Lee Xuan Ying, who reflected on their clinical training in Singapore Polytechnic Optometry Centre and internship.

Lastly, student representatives Sarah Ng Wan Ning and Rayhana Yeo shared motivational speeches to spur their peers on their optometry journey before leading them in the optometry oath to pledge their commitment to provide the best quality eye care for their patients.

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