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For more information on these projects, please contact: Beh Hang Meng

Air_Duct_Clean_ID1Air Duct Cleaning Robot
AR_MC_shopfloor_ID1Augmented Reality (AR) for Machine Shopfloor IIoT
AGV_ID1Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV)
Characterisation_Adv_Matl_ID1Characterisation of Advanced Materials
Cobot_workstation_ID1CoBot Workstation
Office-Transporter_ID1Office Transporter
3D_scanners_ID1Performance Assessment of 3D Scanners and Reverse Engineering
POC_Log_LTA-SMRT_ID2POC Extended Reality Logistics e-Training for LTA
POC_Reality_LTA_SMRT_ID2POC Extended Reality Process e-Training for Rail Industry
Smart_Fixturing_System_ID2Smart Fixturing System for CNC Machine

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