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Characterisation of Advanced Materials

Characterisation_Adv_Matl_ID1Sample preparation for DSC analysis.

Characterisation_ID3Thermal properties characterisation of polymers.

The majority of the devices in biomedical engineering applications have turned to polymeric materials as the material of choice. The selected polymers need to possess an excellent combination of properties to deal with the strenuous activity generated during the normal operating condition of these devices. Polymers can be divided into three major groups which are thermoplastic, thermoset and elastomer, each with unique mechanical and thermal properties which make them suitable candidates for various applications. Thermal properties of polymers are one of the important aspects to be assessed as they play a significant role when determining the appropriate material to use.

This project mainly focused on the use of a thermal analysis equipment, Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), in correlating the thermal history and thermal properties of various polymers. The polymers selected for this study are commonly found in biomedical engineering applications.

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Dr. Ngoh Shwu Lan


Woo Jie Yu, Izzat Bin Mahad, Joven Lee Qi Hao


Diploma in Bioengineering



SP Sustainability Matters