Office Transporter

Office-TransporterStudents configuring the Office Transporter.

Office-TransporterStudents working on the project.

There has been an increasing need for autonomous vehicles in various applications such as for delivery and collection of items and for cleaning services in offices, food courts or airports. In these applications, the vehicle is capable of performing navigation to move to a specified destination. Path planning and collision avoidance ensures that the vehicle travels safely to the destination.

An Autonomous Transporter is designed and developed that can transport documents in an indoor office space. It features autonomous navigation and control, where the transporter can move to a pick-up point upon remote request and send the documents to a selected destination. It incorporates navigation and anti-collision sensors to cater to human traffic, has manual and autonomous controls and automatic battery charging capabilities. The project is carried out in several phases to incorporate various levels of autonomous control and application.

Project Video


Tan Tuan Kiat


Semester 1: Silvanus Sng Qi Hui (leader), Low Zhong Sheng, Samuel Wong Zheng Hao, Tan Jun Yin

Semester 2: Lee Wee Cheng (leader), Kuik Jinting Jovan, Ritika Joshi


Diploma in Mechatronics & Robotics


SICK Product Center Asia Pte Ltd

SP Sustainability Matters