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What is Foundry?

Your DMAD experience begins with the common programme in the first semester known as the Foundry. Regardless of the specialisation you will take, you will definitely need some basic foundational skills. In the Foundry, you will learn basic basic psychological principles, how to tell compelling stories, create effective designs, develop creative thinking and build an entrepreneurial mindset.

Foundry Modules

Story Craft

The world need stories and as humans we are wired to enjoy them. Brands use stories to communicate and build brand love.You will learn how to harness the power of a good story, to connect and move people to take action.

Topics include: Character Development, Story Setting, Narrative Structure, Effective storytelling.

Principles of Design

These principles apply to all sectors in creative arts. It is the building block of a good design education. You will acquire a firm framework in creating and appreciating art & design.

Topics include: Design principles, Photography, Digital imaging, Illustration tools.

Experience Lab

Understanding how and why people think and act the way they do, gives you a clear purpose when you problem solve. Unlocking the human psyche will help you create empathetic & compelling solutions.

Topics include: Human behaviour, Cognitive & emotional perspectives, Empathy study, Trends & issues.

Creative Entrepreneurship

You will learn to leverage your creativity, knowledge and skills for business innovation. This module opens pathways across 3 years to many entrepreneurial endeavors – both inside and outside the school, offering many opportunities to build an exceptional start-up portfolio.

Topics include: The Entrepreneur mindset, Art of relationship building, Idea pitching, Legal & Finance.

Pre-Specialisation modules

Along with the modules in Foundry programme, you will have the choice of taking two pre-specialisation modules in your first semester. These modules serve as a preview to the various specialisations and prepare you for what you will be doing in the specialisations. With the exposure to different specialisations, you will be better equipped to select the specialisation that best matches your passions.

Animation & Games Ready Set Go

This module fosters an awareness and appreciation for animation, game art and design development of interactive media content. You will experience the exciting creative process of design, development and execution in a studio setting.

This is an introduction to the specialisation Animation & Games (AG).

Brand Design Inside Out

Take a curious peek behind the workings of how brands become successful. You will learn how a brand can describe itself to its users, differentiate itself from its competitors, and convey its unique style and DNA through the practice of textual and visual forms.

This is an introduction to the specialisations Visual Communication & Motion Design (VCMD) and Digital Media & Communications (DMC).

Engaging Communities Through Delightful Design

This module introduces you to user experience design, especially displaying information efficiently and effectively beyond merely being attractive. You will gain the ability to collect data, analyse observations and address insights. Using simple prototyping methods, you will streamline and present information so it can be easily understood.

This is an introduction to the specialisation Experience & Product Design (XPD) & Creative Community Engagement with Psychology (CCEP).

Make Some Sound & Music

See the harmony between music, performance and production. You will gain knowledge of the fundamentals of music and hands-on experience at the digital audio workstations to produce simple pieces. Your creations can be used for apps, games and videos.

This is an introduction to the specialisation Sound & Music (SM).

Storytelling for Community & Content Creation

In this module you will engage with communities and audiences using stories. Get into action by getting to know a community. Engage and empower a community whose voice may not be heard. Co-create a piece of artwork together with them and share their stories with the world. You will also learn to tell your story on a digital platform. Come up with ideas to create digital media content - write and produce them so that your target audience will experience and engage with your creative content in a meaningful way.

This is an introduction to the specialisations Creative Community Engagement with Psychology (CCEP) and Story & Content Creation (SCC).

Year 1 Semester 1

Module Code

Module Name

Total Hours


Story Craft




Principles of Design




Experience Lab




*Creative Entrepreneurship Fundamentals




Pre-Specialisation 1




Pre-Specialisation 2




Digital Communication for Impact (DCI)




Collaboration in the Digital Age (CDA)




Problem Solving with Creative & Computational Thinking




Financial Education 1




Education and Career Guidance



*Creative Entrepreneurship
Fundamentals module will run from 5 - 7 June 2023. Attendance is compulsory.

The Specialisations

Animation & Games

Creative Community Engagement with Psychology

Digital Media &

Experience & Product Design

Sound & Music

Story & Content Creation

Visual Communication & Motion Design

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