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Animation and games have transformed the way we work, play, learn and interact. AG equips you with hybrid skillsets to be at the forefront of today’s digital environment and content creation. Gain deep holistic knowledge and technical skills to create engaging animation and interactive media experiences.

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What You'll Learn

  • 2D and3D Art & Animation
  • Concept Art & Design
  • Game Design and Development
  • Interactive Media Design and Application
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual and Extended Reality Design



Career Pathways

Launch your career with us. It will enable you to join a wide range of established firms and be engaged for a variety of roles like:

  • 2D/3D Animator
  • 3D Generalist
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • AR /VR /MR Developer
  • Character Artist and Designer
  • Interactive Designer
  • Gameplay Developer
  • Environment Artist and Designer
  • Illustrator

Higher Education

Further your studies with confidence. Our diploma opens a myriad of opportunities to attain your degree at both local and overseas universities.


• Digipen Institute of Technology Singapore
• Nanyang Technological University
• LASALLE College of the Arts

• National University of Singapore

• Savannah College of Art and Design
• RMIT Australia
• Ringling College of Art and Design

• University of Hertfordshire

• University of London 





"Up till this day, I am still grateful for the animation education at SP. These have become the stepping stones to a career in animation for games. These skills include listening to and responding to feedback, collaborating on group projects, and learning how to grow as an individual and as a valued team member.

My passion in gaming and animation, along with the opportunities and lessons I gained from SP eventually led me to be accepted as a Gameplay Animator intern at 343 Industries. This company currently works on the popular game franchise called "Halo" on the Xbox. I am extremely excited about what lies ahead, and hope to inspire students with a similar passion."

- Skai Chow, Alumnus


Electives may be existing modules offered within Media, Arts & Design or other Schools


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