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Animation & Games

That game that you couldn’t stop playing? The one that transported you to another world altogether. You could make the next one. Craft the next generation of immersive online experiences, animation and games that will capture the attention of millions.

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Creative Community Engagement With Psychology

Are you interested in reaching out to people to understand them? Do you have a passion to work with different and diverse segments of society, like the young, the seniors, the vulnerable or the general public? It’s all about finding out more about them and empowering them to create change.

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Digital Media & Communications

Have you been captivated by videos on social media? Do you want to create content that touches other people? Do you believe in the power of media? It is time to learn how to harness that power to help organisations and businesses reach out to the public.

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Story & Content Creation

Are you captivated by a good story? It could be a great book, an action-packed movie, a tear-jerking soap opera or an insightful analysis of a new policy in the news. Stories are an integral part of communication, from journalism and documentaries, to drama and comedy.

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Experience & Product Design

What attracts you to a certain product? Does design matter? We often don’t think of design when selecting products, but subconsciously, how something feels, or how well it fits in your hand makes all the difference.

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Sound & Music

Music and sound fills every part of our lives. Music is more than just entertainment, it is a form of expression, affects emotions and even our intellectual state. Music is a media for communication at a very primal level. Music is the primary focus of this specialisation: you will learn to compose, arrange, produce and manage musical and audio content for various contexts.

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Visual Communication & Motion Design

Have you been attracted by moving images on a digital billboard? Do action scenes in movies make you gasp? It is almost impossible to hold attention these days without arresting visuals and designs. Are you interested in crafting visual and multi-media experiences that grab audiences and touch hearts?

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Our Foundry Programme

Before you determine your specialisation, you will spend a semester studying the Foundry and Taster Modules. These foundational skills and knowledge have wide applications across the media, arts and design industries.

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Collaboration with Industry Partners

MAD school has on-going and successful collaboration with the community and industry. We place collaboration at the center of your learning - enriching it with real-world experiences.There are a myriad of opportunities where you work on relevant, one-of-a-kind projects both inside and out of the classroom

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Why MAD?


Building skills in your chosen area to fuel your passion and creative potential.


Collaborating with industry partners to prepare students for employment.


Providing authentic learning spaces modelled after real-world work environments.


Developing creativity using studio-based and transdisciplinary pedagogical methods.