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Animation & Games

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Creative Community Engagement With Psychology

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Digital Media & Communications

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Story & Content Creation

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Experience & Product Design

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Sound & Music

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Visual Communication & Motion Design

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What is DMAD?

The Diploma in Media, Arts & Design (DMAD) is a new Diploma launched by Singapore Polytechnic in response to the evolving needs of the Arts, Design & Media (ADM) sector. It trains students in one core discipline and gives students the choice of developing other complementary skillsets in the ADM areas. This prepares students to be competent, adaptable and to thrive in a constantly changing environment.

What is the rationale for offering these specialisations and are they an indication of industry needs?

The specialisations offered cater to the demands of the ADM industry.

As the industry landscape shifts with emerging technologies, disruptions and consolidations, many jobs can no longer operate in silo. There is a growing need for a broad based curriculum that equips students not just with a deep domain specialisation, but also with numerous other supporting skillsets that are required for their careers.

DMAD allows students to go beyond their domain areas by further exposing and equipping students with a broad range of complementary skillsets to support them in their future careers.

Would the more broad-based nature of the DMAD place me at a disadvantage in the job market, compared to my seniors?

The DMAD will have 7 specialisation tracks, with similar learning outcomes as the 8 diplomas that the DMAD replaces. As such, DMAD graduates would be no less equipped with specialised knowledge and skills in their chosen field as their seniors in the 8 diploma courses. In addition, DMAD graduates would benefit from broader-based exposure to the ADM sector as a whole, including the option to choose from 'taster' modules in all 7 specialisations.

After graduating from DMAD, will I be able to further my studies at a local or overseas university?

Graduates from DMAD can seek articulation into degree programmes with local and overseas universities.

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