MAD collaborated with Mediacorp to produce quality content for our local audiences. As part of an MOU signed with the Mediacorp, MAD also co-created a Poly-wide elective with Bloomr.SG to groom aspiring YouTube content creators.

Big Brains

A strange phenomenon has happened around the world- the zombification of teens. Ray finds out one day, that something has turned his once lively best friend, Les, into a zombie. Why are only some teens, like Les, infected and not others? And what could be causing the brains of these teens to be evolving??!
Big Brains is a comedy-infotainment series exploring different teen trends from food to technology, to uncover the zombifying "truths" behind them. Follow the fantastical and hilarious journey of this odd pair as they desperately try to help Les recover her big brain. Big Brains is collaboration between Singapore Polytechnic’s Media, Arts & Design School, Bloomr.SG and Wah!Banana, with original script, music and graphics by students from Story & Content Creation, Sound & Music, and Visual Communication & Motion Design.

Odd Job Agency

Odd Job Agency, an original TV series concept by students from Story & Content Creation was awarded joint-winner at Mediacorp’s Creatives Assembly 2022, and clinched fundings to produce the pilot episode.


Adulting is Mediacorp’s interactive drama series that involved students from Story & Content Creation. From a Writers’ Room workshop, some of the students’ ideas were then developed into the production of this choose-your-own-adventure series

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Their Voices Met << 我们的歌 >>

This short film was commissioned by Mediacorp under the Young Creator’s Project. The 10-minute film, a romance musical drama, was written and produced by students from the
Story & Content Creation, with original music composed, arranged and recorded by Sound & Music students.

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